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I am a certified Āyurvedic practitioner but I prefer to be called as an “Empowering Guide” because my sole purpose through Āyurveda is to accompany and educate every single person who comes to me to walk the path of self-health empowerment.

This blog serves my passion to share my passion. Navigate through my website to see other services I can offer and events I organize !

Most viewed Recipes

From my mum’s kitchen! Tapioca delight or the authentic “Sabudana Khichadi”

A simple quick, and delicious recipe was given to me by my mother. The way she makes it is my favorite version of it! Ingredients 50 g...

Vegetable rice with spices

Ingredients 150 g Basmati rice – wash rice and soak it for 20 minutes 1 large red onion – sliced 2-3 vegetable of your choice (I used...

This is my digital sharing place

I want to share my passion for Ayurveda and healthy living through various articles, recipes and other content. 

Enjoy reading through, commenting, sharing further. I will be happy to interact also on the various comments and answer questions!

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