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Your 3-step path to

Vitality and Balance

Ayurveda for Life: Gain vitality, clarity, and balance with our holistic program.


In the 'Vitality and Balance' 6-month program, I employ a 360° practical & distinct Ayurvedic approach that helps you to recognise and eliminate the root causes of your health issues, whether they manifest in the body or the mind. This holistic method results in a lasting transformation, enabling you to live a harmonious and satisfying life. 

Simply put, Prachi has helped me transform my life. Her gentle, patient and compassionate spirit has been key in helping me transform. Her approach is not a "one size fits all" but a thoughtful tailor-made program that helps you achieve the goals YOU are seeking to reach without unrealistic timelines. 


My biggest takeaway from my sessions with Prachi, has been to practice patience and compassion and learning helps navigate the ups and downs. She is encouraging and incredibly insightful; I always leave our sessions having learnt something valuable that allows me to form a deeper connection with myself. I'm so thankful to have met her and for all the ways she has helped me make positive changes to my lifestyle.  Read the entire testimonial here.


How important is it for me to learn a holistic approach to health that teaches me self-sufficiency?


Do I want to dig deep to figure out the root causes of my physical & mental discomfort/dysfunction?


Do I need personalised approach plus ongoing support and guidance while working on myself, rather than a one-time solution?


How open am I to spiritual development, cultivating a growth mindset, and embracing challenges as opportunities for personal advancement?


Am I willing to be proactive & dedicate time and resources into my well-being, recognising that the benefits will lead to a profound transformation in my life?


5 questions to ask yourself

before you decide to walk the path of self health empowerment & independence

First step to change

Taking that first step could be as simple as scheduling a complimentary discovery call. During this call, you'll gain a clear understanding of how Ayurveda can help you in a long run, how I work, what's included and the cost. It will allow us to determine if we are a good match to work together.

  • your current body, mind, & spiritual state

  • your motivation to change health behaviours

  • foundations of ayurvedic principles with it's various tools & techniques 

  • your relationship with food & environment

  • physical and mental healing through holistic Ayurvedic approach

  • effects of nurturing self-care practices

  • Clarity & purpose through the release of negative thought patterns

  • your consciousness and align to your values and authentic self

  • harness your creative potential by connecting with the seasonal cycles of nature

  • embrace life's challenges.

Your 3-Step Path

What to expect

Physical level

Balance in energy & vitality 

Improved digestion

Better sleep 

Correct immune function

Better skin, nail & hair texture

Cleared physical blockages

Mental level

Relief from stress, anxiety, & other emotional distress

Mental clarity, alertness & focus

Overcome limiting beliefs & fears

Relaxed & peaceful mental attitude

Spiritual level

Connection with your intuition & inner guidance

Development of a deeper understanding of your life's purpose

A new level of self-awareness for a more meaningful & fulfilling life

If you're seeking lasting change, it's important to approach it with patience and discipline. Making significant changes to your life can be challenging, especially if you're doing it alone without the support of an experienced and knowledgeable accountability partner. Having someone to guide and motivate you regularly and effectively can make a big difference.

In 6 months we will take the 360° Ayurvedic approach to YOU

By adopting a holistic approach that considers your body, mind, and soul, I can guide and assist you in making long-lasting, sustainable life changes at a gradual pace.

Explore - Expand - Experience

A 3-step path to self health empowerment & independence

Hmmm...ready to chat?

Are you intrigued and still uncertain about whether this program would be suitable for addressing your current health challenge? If so, let's have a conversation to explore how Ayurveda might be of assistance. My call is not a commitment, and we can converse openly to uncover our mutual expectations and determine whether Ayurveda aligns with your goals. We can also assess if our collaboration is a good fit, and whether I can provide guidance on your healing journey.

What will we do

During 6 months, we will be balancing, cleansing, renewing, nourishing & strengthening by working on:

  • 3 energetic functional principles known as the doshas - Vata, Pitta & Kapha

  • mental states - Sattva, Rajas & Tamas

  • 7 Dhatus i.e the body tissues - lymph, blood, fat, muscle, bones, brain & reproductive tissues

  • Agni (digestive function) & Ama (toxins in the body & mind)

  • Ojas (immune function)

All this by employing two important treatment modalities


  • brihmana (nourishing therapies) and

  • langhana (reducing/lightening therapies).

A personalised program based on your doshic constitution, age, strength, environment, current imbalances, and seasonal cycles will be created for you. It will include nutrition & lifestyle routines, yoga, pranayama, meditation & much more!


We will explore your concerns, set goals, and find YOUR personal approach to a healthy, balanced, and happy life .

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