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Manual Therapies

The various manual treatments are individualised, taking into account the state of dosha in the body & mind, āma, balā, agni and time factors (season, age, time of day etc.), hence they are a part of an Āyurvedic treatment and give better results when performed after an in-depth analysis/consultation.

Establishing individual disorders in tissues, metabolic, psycho-spiritual and physiological functions permit to create a treatment plan which works to eliminate any pathological accumulations in the body responsible for an imbalance in dosha and to increase the resistance and endurance of the body.

I am registered with EMR for massages. But please check with your insurance provider if they cover ayurvedic massages. 

​Full body therapeutic oil massage

Oil adapted to your constitution is applied on the whole body with movements in specific directions to stimulate the kundalini, improve blood circulation, facilitate removal of toxins from the body, relieve physical and mental fatigue. It has a profound impact on the body tissues through the usage of oils.

1st time, non consultation clients: 280 CHF

Total duration is 1h45 (20-30 min consultation and 1h massage) 

Consultation clients: 180 CHF

Total duration is 1h20 (1h massage)

Pregnancy Massage

This massage allows a harmonious birth. It strengthens blood flow to the pelvic region and improves blood circulation. It also promotes the activity of the immune system and the decongestion and detoxification of the lymphatic system. It helps to find harmony between body and mind.

180 CHF for a total of duration of 1h20 (1h massage)

Contact me if interested

While I'm mainly dedicated to consultations and long-term programs, I do offer occasional massages when time allows. If you're craving some relaxation, drop me a line, and let's tailor a session just for you. Experience the rejuvenating power of Ayurvedic massage - get in touch today!

Specific purpose treatments

This is the list of treatments I  propose ONLY after an in-depth consultation. Various treatments will be discussed beforehand to explain what are the benefits in regards to their current situation.

I am registered with EMR for massages. But please check with your insurance provider if they cover ayurvedic massages. 


Application of warm āyurvedic oil on the whole body to stimulate 107 energy points (marma) and 14 subtle channels (nādi) to improve the circulation of vital energy (Prāna) in the body & to eliminate fatigue. It is recommended for fatigue, depression or burnout.


Stimulating and tonic application of therapeutic powders. By its exfoliating nature it facilitates metabolic activity and the elimination of toxins and dead skin cells. It allows the muscles to relax deeply & promotes better muscle flexibility.

Kati / Griva / Uro / Janu - Basti

Localized external medicated oil pooling treatment in a particular region - lower back, neck, heart & knee. 

Snehana Nasya

Includes facial oil massage, application of steam to face followed by drops of herbal oil in the nose & ends with herbal smoke given for inhalation. Cleanses purifies and strengthens the nasal passages. An effective remedy for congestion, allergies,  headaches, etc.

Shiro Dhara

A procedure of slowly and steadily dripping medicated oil or other liquids on the forehead. It induces a relaxed state of awareness that results in a dynamic psycho-somatic balance.


Feet treatment with medicated ghee or oil. It helps relieve tension & works on the nervous system to calm the mind. It soothes skin irritations and refreshes the body.

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