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I am all for supporting brands that align with my values. To me, it's crucial to stand behind companies whose creators are not just business-minded but are driven by a deeper purpose – the desire to positively impact communities. I want to promote small brands that offer high-quality products, ensuring that each purchase is not just a transaction, but an enhanced experience. These brands embody a commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and genuine care for their customers and the wider world. 

By choosing such brands, I feel I am contributing to a cycle of positive change, supporting small businesses, encouraging responsible production and mindful consumption. It's not just about the products but also about the individuals behind these products and the kind of world they help create and sustain.

Pioupiou Cosmetics by Claire Dhote

Pioupiou Cosmetics offers a range of Swiss-made, natural, certified organic and vegan skincare products for the little ones and the whole family.


Claire had a desire to craft a skincare range that would cater to the unique needs of sensitive and delicate skin. Her vision was clear: to curate products composed of meticulously chosen ingredients sourced from organic farming, ensuring that every element was 100% of natural origin. Driven by this commitment to quality, Claire's skincare line is not just for a select audience; it's designed to be gentle enough for use from birth, making it a safe choice during pregnancy and an ideal fit for children. 

COSMOS ORGANIC certification, by Ecocert Greenlife.

✓ Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin | ✓ Compatible from birth | ✓ 100% natural origin | ✓ Organic | ✓ Vegan | ✓ Pregnancy safe | ✓ Family Skincare | ✓ Made in Switzerland

Indulge in the pampering world of Pioupiou

Kahani Dor by Olivia 

Kahani Dor is committed to a sustainable and ethical production of lifestyle products and works exclusively with old textile crafts in rural India. This gives families a chance to earn a dignified living, stay together in their home villages and pass on the craft to the next generation. (Kahani means story and Dor is the Hindi word for thread.)

Born in Switzerland, Olivia lived in India for many years and developed a fascination for local textile crafts. With a long-term connection to India through her husband, she decided to create her label. Today, she designs timeless loungewear and home textiles using traditional weaving and printing techniques and is committed to passing on these crafts to women so that they can become more independent.

Discover the beauty of Kahani Dor

Zauberformel by Julia, Marco and Halil

Zauberformel Vitalgewürz (Vital Spices) is the first spice for vitality, which guarantees you an aromatic taste experience and at the same time is a benefit for body and mind. The unique preparations, consisting of fair trade and organic ingredients, are handmade in Switzerland, in Basel, with much care and love.

Zauberformel, was founded by three friends (Julia Oeschger, Marco Krumm and Halil Caprak) in Basel, Switzerland. All three founders have a profound passion: strengthening the vitality of each individual as deliciously and naturally as possible with a healthy diet and certain plant substances. The high quality and combination of raw and vital ingredients have the highest priority at Zauberformel. 

Explore the falvours of Zauberformel

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