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A Regenerative Wellness Journey

May 12th, 2024

9:30 to 16:30

Kloster Kappel

Kappel am albis


Spring represents a time of renewal and rejuvenation. Give your body & mind a sense of freshness and vitality. 

In just one day experience the rejuvenating power of a meticulously curated program. We will be fasting, and I will personally guide you through the process, ensuring it fits your specific needs, intentions, and capabilities. 


The day begins with energy purification, followed by meditative practices and the exploration of pranayama (breathwork). Feel the gentle embrace of a yoga session and immerse yourself in a creative experience that combines artistic expression with neuroscience principles.Gain insights into your subconscious mind and release emotional bondages/conditionings. Finally, conclude your day with a session of therapeutic relaxation.


Spring being a time of renewal and cleansing, we will forgo a full lunch to honour the season's rejuvenating energy and support our body's natural cleansing process. But there will be nourishing snacks/home-made Ayurvedic treats, nuts, fresh fruits, and beverages available. The light nourishment will give our digestive systems a well-deserved break, invigorate our senses, enhance mental clarity, and allow us to integrate the vitality of the season.


The peaceful atmosphere in the serene and majestic monastery of Kappel Am Albis provides the necessary space for self-reflection and a sense of well-being. Foster a sense of connection and community as you express yourself authentically and listen to each other's stories.

Under my guidance, you will explore various spiritual practices for relaxation and self-reconnection, restoring harmony to the energy flowing through your body. This retreat is suitable for all, regardless of experience in practices like yoga, meditation, or pranayama (breathwork). By the end of this day, you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed with a renewed sense of well-being.

"Embracing self-care is a transformative experience that fosters a sense of confidence"

Your self-care  journey includes:

Purifying Smoke bath

Guided Meditation

Pranayama (breathing techniques)

Gentle Yoga practice

Nourishing treats, fruits and beverages

Neurographic art workshop - stimulate creativity, release emotions and express yourself 

Therapeutic relaxation & connection


Together, we can walk the path of life with a strong sense of self and purpose.

I empower individuals with the holistic teachings of Āyurveda and practices like meditation, yoga postures, mantra chanting, pranayama (breathing regulation) etc enabling them to tap into their inner wisdom and live fulfilling lives free of limiting beliefs and fears.

-Prachi, Jaya Ayurveda

I am excited to  collaborate with Adela for a Neurographic Art workshop - an immersive and creative experience!

Adela Ganj

Adela is a seasoned artist with a deep-rooted connection to creativity. As she says "every cell of my body craves for art". She paints, crafts, restores, sews, and cooks to express herself. Through her very human ups and downs in life, she has discovered that art therapy helps her the most especially visual art therapy. It allows her to paint, draw and feel her innermost emotions which are hard to put into words.

While she undergoes extensive training in neurographic art, Adela is dedicated to sharing this transformative practice with others. Whether she's guiding participants through neurographic workshops or expressing herself on canvas through oil, acrylic, or mixed media, Adela is committed to personal growth and bringing joy and color to the world.

Neurographic Art Workshop

Unlock creativity, explore neuroscience, release and grow!

Imagine a blank canvas before you, ripe with potential. With the stroke of your magic pen, become the architect of your innermost thoughts and emotions. Through Neurographic art, you'll untangle mental knots, unlock hidden emotions, express and process all this while allowing your creativity to flow freely. You learn how to create interconnected lines and patterns that represent your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Through this process, you explore your inner landscapes and gain insights into your subconscious mind.

In just 1.5 hours, you will discover the transformative power of art, neuroscience, and psychology as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and emotional exploration. Neurographic art is a captivating dance between conscious and unconscious minds, where every stroke tells a story and every line uncovers a new facet of your being.  At the end of this workshop, you'll proudly walk away with a beautiful piece of art, that's worth keeping!


Sunday, 12th May 2024

9h30 - 16h30

Price: 249 CHF

Price includes food, beverages and all material for the workshop.


Kappelerhof 5
CH-8926 Kappel am Albis

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