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  • Sacred Soul (50g)
  • Sacred Soul (50g)
  • Sacred Soul (50g)
  • Sacred Soul (50g)
  • Sacred Soul (50g)

Sacred Soul (50g)

PriceFrom CHF24.50

Maintain your equilibrium as floral organics keep your flow balanced. Wisely welcome each new phase of your life and linger in a state of peaceful bliss. Good during perimenopause.


Contains approximately 30 servings. 50g

  • 100% natural: sage, lemon balm, stinging nettles, rosemary, camomille, stevia leaves.


    Sage helps to alleviate hot flashes and night sweats during menopause, while also supporting healthy digestion and promoting mental clarity.


    Lemon Balm and Chamomile are both calming herbs that promote relaxation and help to soothe the digestive system.


    Stinging Nettles are high in minerals and are believed to be beneficial for anemia, while also being a blood purifier in Ayurveda.


    Rosemary and Sage both support mental clarity and are detoxifying herbs that help to remove toxins from the lymphatic system.

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