Healing with Ayurveda 

The word Ayurveda means knowledge of life. 


Coming from the Vedas, Ayurveda combines physical, psychological and spiritual therapies in a holistic approach to health that is relevant even in the 21st century.  It considers that every individual is unique in his body, mind, and soul and hence the application of any treatment should be completely personalised. There is no standardisation of person, disease or treatment.  It emphasises on the prevention of disease by maintaining health through diet & lifestyle regimens and if there is disease, cures it through medicines & treatments.  


Ayurveda is a functional system of medicine because it considers the body as a network of systems which are interrelated and are in constant movement and change due to the environment, age, food, habits, psychology, climate etc.


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Based on the science of Ayurveda to help you incorporate long term health and lifestyle changes


Designed to introduce specific ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle shifts to help you advance towards your goals to a healthy & balanced life


Visit this section to see the various manual treatments  like massages, shirodhara, nasya etc. offered




Develop awareness of your body & your behavioral patterns to facilitate healing & sustainable dietary & lifestyle changes



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