Who am I ?

Prachi Deshpande

Born and raised in India, Āyurveda has always been a part of my life although I never thought of taking it up as a profession.  I have followed it for years and its knowledge has helped me through some difficult times. My dedication to Āyurveda & the desire to do justice to this ancient medical system pushed me in 2015 to take a huge leap of faith. Since then what an enriching journey it has been through various courses, continuous personal experience and my passion for ensuring that the right applicable knowledge of Āyurveda reaches people.


Āyurveda should be adapted to the environment where it is practised and I try to apply this principle and adapt my practice to Europe - to Switzerland, its climatic conditions and available resources.  


My main aim via my practice is to guide people & teach them to understand the subtleties of their body & mind and what makes them unique so that they can lead a meaningful, healthy and fulfilling life.

My immense gratitude to my family, friends, teachers & especially my husband, for their support in my journey towards transformation.


Āyurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultant - Jean Pierre Bigler, Switzerland

Āyurvedic Herbal Medicine Program - European Institute of Vedic Science, Switzerland

AVP Arya Vaidya Pharmacy - Specific modules in India  

Various trainings in Yoga, Pranayama & Marmacikitsa for Obesity, Menopause, Abdominal discomfort, back & leg pain 

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