What is an Ayurvedic Consultation?

My goal is to teach you to understand your body, it's metabolic function & listen to it the āyurvedic way so that you can be independent & appropriate in your food & lifestyle choices.  I will help you to make "smart choices" daily and in all situations so that when you decide to indulge yourselves, you will do it in full awareness, with pleasure, and without regret! 

During an āyurvedic consultation, we will focus on :

  • Your individual body's constitution (Prakṛti) & the current imbalance in the doṣa (Vikṛti) through detailed history intake & non-invasive sources of information, such as pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis; body structure analysis and an examination of the skin, nails & hair

  • Evaluation  of your current lifestyle and diet 

  • Identification of any metabolic disorders due to the doṣa  imbalance

  • Strategies to overcome obstacles that might get in the way of implementing the desired changes

  • My “tool kit” of knowledge in the areas of āyurvedic health & lifestyle to provide you with options and choices to consider

  • Starting the process of self-discovery, self-awareness & belief in your ability to change from where you are at to where you want to go.


Through various sessions & a  multidimensional āyurvedic health plan you will receive :

  • Theoretical explanations of āyurvedic nutrition according to your constitution

  • Proposals for readjustments or changes in your current diet and lifestyle

  • Guidelines regarding diet, nutrition, herbs, simple yoga & breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation, and stress management techniques

  • Manual treatments with/without oil, entire body or specific target areas 

  • Daily and seasonal routines as per Āyurveda

  • Practical ideas of menus and recipes using herbs & spices along with explanations on their therapeutic properties

  • Psychological support to overcome any fear foods and/or food rituals that you may have

  • I will be your accountability partner to help you with solutions if you find it difficult to put in place any suggested changes 


Together we will define this comprehensive and individualized āyurvedic treatment plan with the goals and results that YOU want to achieve through diet and lifestyle. 

Why take the step towards a change?


We take care of our precious belongings, cars, electronics, and household goods on a daily basis for as long as possible.


So why do we not do the same with our body?


Our body is a great device with an unimaginable complexity.  We consider its existence to be self-evident and we get concerned only when there is a malfunction. Why do we wait that long ? When, like all our precious objects, all it needs is to be maintained correctly in order to function properly all the time - For Us! 


Should we not then take care of it? Nurture it? And treat it as the most "precious"?


The quality of our life is determined largely by the quality of our body and it is directly linked to a healthy diet & lifestyle. Recognising this helps to prevent physical and psychological pathologies such as diabetes, obesity, dietary intolerances, allergies, depression, hyperactivity, chronic fatigue, digestive diseases, fungal infections, etc.. 


Āyurvedic diet & lifestyle has a significant role to play in today's world. The choice to feed oneself properly, knowingly & by respecting one's doṣa is within the reach of every individual. Hence my ultimate responsibility is to make you completely autonomous: with a balanced, dynamic body and mind without sacrificing the pleasures of eating & living.

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