If required we do a follow-up consultation. This allows us to check your progress & to keep you motivated! We continue working together on your goals and adjust/adapt or add new recommendations according to the changes you have brought in your life.


Follow up consultation 


First consultation - 2 hours

I invite you to book the 30 minutes Free Introductory Call with me to understand if and how I can guide you. If we decide to work together then we will book an appointment for the first in-depth consultation. 

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During the first consultation, I will

Determine the current imbalance in the doshas through detailed history intake & non-invasive sources of information, such as pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis etc.

Evaluate your current lifestyle and diet to identify any metabolic disorders due to the dosha imbalance

Help you start the process of self-discovery, self-awareness & belief in your ability to change from where you are at to where you want to go

Explain & suggest āyurvedic nutrition & lifestyle according to your constitution  

Use my “tool kit” of diet, nutrition, herbs, simple yoga & breathing exercises, meditation, sound healing, relaxation, and spiritual psychology to provide you with options and choices to consider