Manual Treatments

General Information
I propose certain manual treatments (massages) without a consultation that I consider will be an entry point for you into the world of Āyurveda. I hope that through them I will be able to spread the importance & effectiveness of Āyurveda.
The massages are covered by insurance but I advise you to kindly check with your company to ensure that they reimburse  Āyurvedic massages. Companies recognised are Groupe Mutuel, AXA, SWICA, Sanitas, Intras, Assura, Vivao Sympany, Rhenusana, FKB, Caisse Maladie de Wàdenswil. 
Please note that before these massages there is an additional 20-minute discussion to understand your body type & complaints. This helps me to provide you with a personalised massage. 

Types & Prices


A procedure of slowly and steadily dripping medicated oil or other liquids on the forehead. It induces a relaxed state of awareness that results in a dynamic psycho-somatic balance. ONLY AS PART OF TREATMENT PLAN


Localized external medicated oil pooling treatment in a particular region - lower back, neck heart & knee. ONLY AS PART OF TREATMENT PLAN


Oelation of whole body with movements in specific directions to stimulate Kuṇḍalinῑ, improve blood circulation, facilitate removal of toxins from the body, relieve physical and mental fatique. It has a profound impact on the body tissues through usage of medicated oils.

60 min + 20 min basic diagnosis / 180 CHF without 1st consultation or 140 CHF as part of treatment


Application of warm āyurvedic oil on the whole body to stimulate 107 energy points (marma) and 14 subtle channels (nāḍi) to improve the circulation of vital energy (Prāṇa) in the body & to eliminate fatigue. It is recommended for especially in case of fatigue, depression or burnout.

60 min + 20 min basic diagnosis / 180 CHF without 1st consultation or 140 CHF as part of treatment


Stimulating and tonic application of therapeutic powders. By its exfoliating nature it facilitates metabolic activity and the elimination of toxins and dead skin cells. It allows the muscles to relax deeply & promotes better muscle flexibility.

50 min + 20 min basic diagnosis / 150 CHF without 1st consultation or 120 CHF as part of treatment

Color Stain

Includes facial oil massage, application of steam to face followed by drops of herbal oil in the nose & ends with herbal smoke given for inhalation. Cleanses, purifies and strengthens the nasal passages. An effective remedy for congestion, allergies,  headaches, etc . ONLY AS PART OF TREATMENT PLAN


Feet treatment with medicated ghee or oil. It helps relieve tension & works on the nervous system to calm the mind. It soothes skin irritations and refreshes the body.

40 min + 20 min basic diagnosis / 120 CHF without 1st consultation or 90 CHF as part of treatment


Warm oil application to the head to relax, release tension and calm the mind. It promotes good sleep.

30 min  + 20 min basic diagnosis/ 95 CHF without 1st consultation or 80 CHF as part of treatment

Lilly in Hand

For pregnant women: This massage allows a harmonious birth. It strengthens blood flow to the pelvic region and improves blood circulation. It also promotes the activity of the immune system and the decongestion and detoxification of the lymph. It helps to find harmony between body and mind.

60 min + 20 min basic diagnosis/ 160 CHF no 1st consultation required


For babies from 0 to 24 months, it creates harmonious growth and development. This massage is practiced with Cold pressed pure organic sesame oil. It stimulates the breathing and digestion that promote sleep as well as the reduction of colic and stomachaches.

30 min / 60 CHF no 1st consultation required

I propose private baby massage classes for mothers. Book now

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